Mcguire expo - tarmacMilitary members participate in the defense of our Country with dedication and pride.  It is in the process of serving our Country while stationed at bases in New Jersey that Active and Reserve/Guard military members live in and contribute to surrounding communities.  Active and Reserve/Guard military personnel and their families often spend money off-base on entertainment, tourism, housing, automobiles, groceries, clothing, etc.  These personnel and their families attend local schools or colleges, or participate in local charitable and community organizations and churches.

Many military retirees reside near New Jersey military installations. These retirees have deservedly earned our respect and have become an integral part of communities surrounding their bases. Military retiree spending is reflected in the housing market, as well as other areas of goods and services significant to the State’s economy.  Retirees are able to utilize civilian medical services creating a demographic for physicians and hospitals in communities near bases.  In their choice to become permanent, tax-paying residents of New Jersey, military retirees and their families are important contributors to the State.













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